Professional Advisors

Professional Advisor

Starting the Conversation

Professional advisors – investment professionals, attorneys, accountants, insurance agents – play an important role in assisting clients with their philanthropic goals. Oftentimes, these clients have some general ideas about charitable giving, but they seek advice from trusted advisors on how to make their philanthropic goals a reality.

Conversations between charitable-minded clients and their advisors might include the following questions:

  • What principles are important to you and your family? How might you leave a personal legacy that reflects these values?
  • Are there special charitable organizations that you support through volunteerism or financial contributions?
  • Would you like to continue supporting these organizations or causes in the future?
  • Have you thought about how you might inspire your children and grandchildren to carry on this legacy of giving?

Permian Basin Area Foundation welcomes the opportunity to partner with donors and their professional advisors in creating a customized plan that reflects the donors’ passions and values while maximizing financial, tax, and estate planning benefits.

For further information about the Foundation and the means by which our staff can assist in fulfilling your clients’ wishes to make a living or estate gift that creates a lasting legacy contact Guy McCrary at or Aaron Bedell at Or to learn more about opportunities for donors to partner with Permian Basin Area Foundation in establishing a fund to benefit our West Texas neighbors for generations to come, visit Opportunities to Partner.