Grants Section

Award Notification and Follow-Up

Following review of full applications, the Grants Committee makes recommendations for awards to the Foundation’s Board of Governors. Once grants are approved by the Board, Permian Basin Area Foundation staff notify nonprofit organizations of such awards.

Semi-annually, in July and December, the Foundation hosts a news conference to announce grant awards where grantees are invited to tell about their organizations’ missions  and the intended use of their grants.

Organizations that have previously received a grant award must complete and submit a Grant Award Follow-Up Form (SF-FW) detailing the use of grant funds and the status of the project’s outcomes. Follow-up forms are due within two years of receiving the grant award or upon complete expenditure of award received (whichever comes first) and prior to application for further competitive grants.

Information regarding all grants made by the Foundation becomes a matter of public information, and recipient organizations are encouraged to publicly acknowledge the Foundation’s support.