Scholarships Section

Application Process Guidelines

1. Prior to beginning the application process, read through the Application Process Guidelines. Be advised that your completed application and supporting documentation including transcripts and Reference Evaluation Forms are due to Permian Basin Area Foundation by the published deadline. Applicants cannot change responses or submit additional information after the scholarship deadline. The deadline for the majority of applications is March 31st.

2. To apply for a scholarship, create a user account. Click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right-hand corner. When prompted, enter your email address and create a password. Once you receive a confirmation email granting access to the AcademicWorks system, you are ready to begin the General Scholarship Application process.

3. To maximize your chances of receiving a Foundation scholarship, answer questions completely. Your responses determine eligibility for additional Foundation scholarships. You MUST answer all questions marked with an asterisk. Your General Scholarship Application includes an essay question and a request for the names and email addresses of three references.

5. Read instructional text appearing throughout the General Scholarship Application. Further explanation is available by clicking the .This icon appears anywhere there is additional information.

6. Applicants may work on their applications over time. To ensure that work is saved, click “Save and Keep Editing” every 30 minutes. If you do not click “Save and Keep Editing” every 30 minutes, AcademicWorks access will time out, and all information not previously saved will be lost.

7. Once you complete all questions, click “Finish and Submit.” If all required questions have been answered, a message will appear stating that your General Application has been successfully saved. If you fail to answer all required questions, missed questions will be highlighted, prompting a response.

8. Applicants associated with Martin County and Midland County will be asked to complete additional questions as part of the Martin County or Midland County Conditional Application process.

9. You will have an opportunity to view additional scholarships for which you possibly qualify. In some instances, your application responses result in an “Automatic Match;” no additional action on your part is required. In other instances, your responses result in recommended “Apply-To” opportunities, for which you may match qualifying criteria.

Select “Opportunities” in the menu bar. Click on “Recommended” in the drop-down menu under “Opportunities” to see a list of your recommended “Apply-To” scholarships.

To apply for recommended opportunities, click “Apply,” noting that scholarships will require additional questions. You are encouraged to review the qualifications for each recommended opportunity before submitting responses to required questions.

Also  in the drop-down menu under the heading “Opportunities” is “All.” This is a listing of ALL Foundation scholarships including “Apply-To” scholarships for which you are not qualified. If an applicant does submit an application to an Apply-To opportunity for which (s)he has not been recommended (based on a failure to meet qualification criteria), the application will be accepted as Submitted but the applicant will be awarded zero Qualification Points (alerting administrators that the applicant is not qualified.)

10. At the conclusion of the process when you have submitted your application, an email will be sent to you confirming receipt of your application. Prior to the deadline, you can view and update your application(s).

11. Initially, the AcademicWorks system sends an email and the required Reference Evaluation Form to each reference listed on your General Scholarship Application. Note: Beginning in 2017, three Reference Evaluation Forms are required; the submission of these forms is no longer optional.

12. Applicants can review their Student Account to view application and references status. Remember to allow sufficient time between submitting your General Scholarship Application and the published deadline to afford references an opportunity to receive the email and complete and return the digital Reference Evaluation Form. To resend the reference request email to pending references, click “Resend.” To list additional references, follow the instructional text for References.

13. To learn about selection, notification, and payment of Permian Basin Area Foundation scholarship awards, click HERE.