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History & Mission

History and Mission

Twenty-nine years ago, West Texas leaders envisioned a public foundation that would sustain the valuable spirit of philanthropy in our local communities for years to come. With a charitable investment of $400,000, Permian Basin Area Foundation was established. Its mission: To partner with donors in creating permanent charitable funds to enrich the quality of life in West Texas communities.

Today, Permian Basin Area Foundation is one of approximately 700 community foundations in the United States. Promoting a philosophy of “giving where you live,” the Foundation seeks to meet charitable needs in West Texas.

The charitable impact of the Foundation in the Permian Basin has been profound. Thanks to the prudent stewardship of donors’ gifts, Permian Basin Area Foundation has grown permanent assets to an estimated $175 million through December 31, 2017. Since its inception, the Foundation has returned approximately $95.5 million to West Texas communities through grants, scholarships, and distributions.

The Foundation did not accomplish this alone. It is through the generosity of  our donors that we are a vision and voice for community philanthropy. We invite you to join us as together we continue the proud tradition of charitable giving in West Texas.