About Us

PBAF at a Glance

A History of Community Giving

Since its inception in 1989 through year-end 2017, Permian Basin Area Foundation has built endowments totaling more than $175 million.  More importantly, in its 29-year history, the Foundation has partnered with generous donors in giving back to West Texas communities $92 million in grants to nonprofit organizations and scholarships to outstanding students.

PBAF at a Glance (year-end 2016)

Maximizing the Impact of Charitable Gifts

Among the Foundation’s fiduciary responsibilities to donors, none is more important than the prudent investment of assets.  The Foundation’s Investment Committee is comprised of astute financial managers and leaders from the Board of Governors and the business community-at-large.  Included in the committee’s responsibilities are the important tasks of setting investment policy and overseeing the performance of the investment managers who are reviewed quarterly.

Financial Policies

  • Professionally-managed investment program driven by policy discipline, portfolio diversification, and asset reallocation.
  • Focus on long-term returns within acceptable risk tolerances.
  • Regular performance monitoring and evaluation of managers.
  • Distributions available, quarterly or cumulatively.